Meteor showers this evening until November, lift your eyes to the sky and don't miss the spectacle

From today's evening until the first week of November, a meteor shower will engulf our planet giving a truly heavenly spectacle.

According to British media, if the weather is clear and cloudless, meteor rain could soon be seen on the ground with the naked eye. The stars will create a truly heavenly show at night this week, thanks to meteor showers.

Draconid meteor showers will be active until October 10, though Tuesday night may allow for a better view. While the southern Taurid meteor showers are expected to occur on the evening of Oct. 9 and 11, according to the American Meteor Association.

If the above are not seen with the naked eye, the Royal Society of Canada's Astronomical Observatory's Handbook suggests turning your eyes to the sky on November 6th.

Take care to watch the Draconid meteor showers as soon as night falls in a clear blue area. Also stay away from the moon, as the full moon will appear on October 3, and its light may dim that of the meteors.