High in protein, egg is the fastest and easiest food to get all the nutrients at every meal of the day. From egg omelet to pastry to dinner, the egg donates a lot of calories, but also has a high cholesterol percentage. However, there is an old dilemma that seems to have not yet been resolved: is it healthy to eat eggs for dinner?

We all know that eggs contain a lot of vitamins and nutritional value. However the food experts are divided into two groups when it comes to eating eggs or not at dinner.

If it is bad to eat eggs for dinner, then I have been a bad girl for a long time. However, the "dinner police" never arrested me.

Eggs are no longer considered unhealthy for dinner if eaten moderately, and even a group of British experts have found no reason to conclude they cannot be eaten at any time of the day, even at dinner.

Who would resist the temptation of a baked oven consisting of boiled eggs, bechamel sauce, Swiss cheese and bacon? And it's dinner recipe, not breakfast.

Thus, dieticians and nutrition experts find no reason to say that eggs should not be eaten at dinner, but they do not forget to advise that, like any other food, eggs should be eaten moderately.