Being a girl means growing up with fairy-tale princesses, wanting to wear their dresses, but also hoping that one day the prince will come to find you in a rose garden for an escape….

It sounds like a fairy tale, but it's not exactly the case. Because from the classical narratives, to which we all find inspiration, modern fairy tales come in a new form. One of them is recounted today by the Royal Gardens of the Palace of Brigades.

Class Fashion Show, today speaks in the language of each of you, who is looking forward to making your dream a reality soon. It is an event that will most certainly give answers not only to modern brides but also to others who:

- Today, you want the dress to wear what you have under your skin, your values, and not to resemble a princess.

- When you were little you used to play with puppets, but no one told you you can't even play boys' games and do their jobs very well.

- You don't have to wait for the prince on horseback because you are the riders of your life and direct your heart where you want it.

Class Fashion Show will soon speak your language

Today you are not just a dreamer who reads "If I were a boy", today you are an original writer in your digital window and proudly say "How good I am a girl".

You keep reading books because you know that the authority of knowledge is wearing the dress, but the dress is not capable of wearing the knowledge.

You are a modern-day princess of our time and you are fantastic…

Find yourself here at the Class Fashion Show!