Here we are again. You have found an ideal place to take a series of selfie photos and then spend a lot of time choosing the most beautiful photo to post on social media. However, it is not that simple. No matter how good you think you look in that perfect photo, your social media followers may still have a different opinion. Recent hairstyles have revealed what people think when you post photos on social networks, especially when they are selfies.

- Those who publish more selfies are rated as less successful and more insecure, according to experts.

Moreover, selfies that advertise physical parts, such as a bending of sex in front of a mirror were perceived as particularly negative. Meanwhile, people posting travel photos or just photo poses were seen as safer and more successful people.

A positive reaction to the poses can be explained by the fact that they usually look more natural than the selfies. Our postures tell us the way others would see us in real life and it makes them look more fun. What's more, if you usually post photo poses on social networks and then your followers suddenly see a selfie, it may signal something strange and unusual about your personality.

Some studies even found a link between posting selfie photos and narcissism which implies a strong demand for admiration, and experts believe others may feel it by looking at our photos.