Since "Teresa", the famous series where Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer were the protagonists, the pair were destined not to split anymore. For years, the two famous actors have been living a beautiful love story, but for the marriage, they have no intention. According to Spanish media, Rulli was recently targeted by pink news because it was not revealed why he and his partner were staying so far from the altar.

As the actor himself has learned, he does not believe much in marriage, but in the love and strong bond he and Angelique have for each other. According to Rulli, marriage does not make a couple more responsible, it is love.

However, it does not seem so simple. The Spanish media has brought up a number of reasons why the famous telenovela couple do not want to get married and apparently this comes from Rulli.

Sebastian Rulli was previously married to Cecilia Galliano. They separated after three years of marriage. A few years after the divorce, the actor started dating Angelique Boyer, who was introduced to Teresa in 2010.

Sebastian and Angelique have often discussed their long relationship, even commented as if they were separated, expecting a baby, etc. The first official release, they made at a wedding ceremony of two Mexican actors, Ximena and Juan.

We all know that Sebastian and Angelique have been wedded to the screen several times, but in real life, the two have no desire to organize.

In 2016, Angelique Boyer announced on Twitter that she was expecting her first child with Sebastian. However, they did not say when the baby would be born or the gender. They kept it a secret for a long time.

As of now, both are happy with each other's presence.

Sebastian Rulli does not marry because he is terrified of divorce

Prior to her relationship with Angelique, Sebastian was married to actress Cecilia Galliano. They started dating in 2004. After three years together, we were married on December 31, 2007, on New Year's Eve.

In an interview for Televisa Espectaculos, when Sebastian was asked about the wedding, Rulli said:

" I got married when I was 31. It was a last-minute thing. It was the first time we had both of our families together. What would come next was really complicated."

The marriage was not big, the couple invited only 30 relatives from both families. They are the parents of a son, Santiago Rulli Galliano, but also took care of Cecilia's daughter, Valentina.

After three years of marriage, the couple officially divorced on July 12, 2011. At the time of the divorce, Galliano told the court that Rulli had abused her "" I left the house with my son, a briefcase and the girl, Valentina, in her arms. "

Upon hearing of Cecilia's statement, it seemed as if she had left Sebastian because she had been verbally abused by him. Their report did not end amicably. However, now, the two are making their lives and Sebastian is happy with someone else.

But the marriage has not worked out well, so for some time, perhaps, she will no longer trust her.