Emotion management is often a complicated process. Sometimes it is necessary to soften, silence or keep calm in times of stress. If you want to avoid hurting your personal relationships you should do so. However, there are also times when you need to express yourself in different ways. After all, people can be misunderstood if you don't talk and share what you feel.

However, you should know that both behaviors have important effects on your health. Bright Side tells us a study that claims that raising your voice is not always a bad idea.

Automatic silence

Automatic silence is a behavior that engages people when they are afraid to express their true emotions. They worry that their feelings can affect relationships with close people: family, friends or colleagues. They opt for automatic silence because they fear a conflict may arise and do not want to cause a relationship to collapse.

The more you shout, the less stress

One of the points the researchers measured was the frequency with which these women experienced anger or euphoria. They addressed these as moments when they were able to let go of their emotions by raising their voices and talking about the issue that so frustrated them. Studies have shown that when a blast occurs and a voice is raised, it does good to the health because they do not suppress their feelings.

Hiding your emotions has physical consequences

Maintaining a facade of joy and tranquility does not mean that this condition is real. It is a behavior that is associated with a greater sensitivity to rejection. A permanent state of alert that causes stress levels is closely linked to a decrease in life expectancy for both men and women worldwide. During these episodes, blood pressure and glucose levels rise, so the chance of developing a cardiovascular condition also increases.

There is a healthy way to express yourself

Although raising our voices from time to time to release negative emotions can be liberating, we should also bear in mind that this enables us to say things that do not help us in our relationships. For this reason, it is good to remember and show respect for yourself and the people around you, as it is essential to having a healthy body and relationships.