Bank OTP Albania inaugurated yesterday, October 23, 2019 the newest branch in Ismail Qemali Street, former Block area in Tirana, near the intersection with Vaso Pasha Street.

To mark this important milestone of its activity, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held, which comes as a clear message of OTP Bank Albania's intention to expand, strengthen, and increase its market presence.

The inauguration of this branch follows the opening of the branch two weeks ago on the highway with the aim of serving the business customers of this area as close and better as possible. The opening of this branch on the Autostrade was an emotional moment for all bank executives and employees, as this day also marked the start of the expansion phase communicated that in the first months of the year put into operation without ending yet the first year as OTP Bank.

Next, within a short span of time comes the opening of the second branch with OTP Brand, the Block Reference branch, which fulfills in many dimensions the bank's vision. This vision is defined as our mission of providing the highest quality customer service, as evidence of the long-term aspiration to grow further in the Albanian market, and as an illustration of the OTP Group's propensity to invest in technology to serve the future bank.

The inauguration ceremony in the Block branch marked a special day in the calendar of activities of the Bank which will be numerous in this context during the next year.

Present at the inauguration of this architectural innovation and a business for the Block area were senior executives of the bank and its employees, in the company of valuable and loyal bank customers. Also, in this special ceremony we were honored with their participation Mr. Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Eduard Shalsi, Minister of State for Protection of Entrepreneurship, colleagues of the Bank of Albania and the Association of Banks, etc.

"Today we are in the heart of Tirana, in the Block and are inaugurating together a strategic point of our Branch network, strongly believing that this branch will soon become a Reference, in every respect!" Said Mr. Bledar Shella, Director of General of OTP Bank Albania. He added "Opening this branch is not the end of our expansion. Other branches will open soon. We want to be as close to you as possible, increasing the number of Branches, ATMs and investing in digitalization. The OTP Group has clearly expressed its ambition to be one of the leading banks in the country, and our commitment is performing well as we look at the bank's results so far: the market share for lending has grown significantly to 10.3 %, which strengthens the bank's position as the fourth largest for this indicator. The number of clients choosing our bank has also increased and during the same period the bank recorded the highest net profit of its history. "

At OTP Bank Albania, we understand that customer needs for banks have changed significantly. We are working together with our clients following their recommendations and requirements, to provide new branches, more Automate and provide customers with choices in how they conduct their banking operations. Our new branch in the heart of Tirana offers customers the opportunity to be served by a bank employee, or to use self-service banking to suit their needs.

The new branch offers a welcoming environment with innovative features designed to enhance the customer experience. There are some meeting spaces for clients so that the service is within the requirements of the clients themselves and conforming to the OTP Group time and standard. It's also meant for kids, devoting a special amount of time to entertaining as parents do banking. This new branch will be open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.