Your child is quite polite when he is with his dad, grandmother or when he is going to kindergarten or playground. However, hearing the mother's voice begins and becomes rebellious. Why is this happening? Children who tend not to listen when their mother is nearby have their own reasons. But what are these reasons? Learn what experts say?

A behavior disorder is a form of communication "I need you mom"

If your child is not talking yet, it is quite natural for them to try to get your attention in every way. For children, the mother is the source for meeting their basic needs: for food, for safety, so they become more emotional when the mother is near.

Here's how as an expert on parenting and education, Dr. Ann Corwin, explains this phenomenon:

“Mothers symbolize children's needs and biologically, children are bound to associate the need for food and survival with their mother. This is why children will escalate their behavior to get attention from their mother in any way they can. Fathers, on the other hand, symbolize faith and games. So children will not be so desperate for that critical attention from their fathers as it is not a link for survival. "

You are your child's comfort zone

Children do not tend to show their whole range of emotions to people they do not trust. If you think the child is guarding the worst for the mother, this is not true. They "honor" you for not doing so well, as this is the way to show that they trust you and feel safe when you are close to them.