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"He was seventeen" is an exquisite and intimate look to shed light on one of the most unusual love stories between Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron.

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She was the teacher of literature, she was her student. She has a husband, three teenage children, a provincial, seemingly bourgeois life. He loves great writers and wants to become a writer. She likes her miniskirts and legs. The guy looks great and wants to marry her. She is called Brizhite and he is Emmanuel. Bronze Tronjo married Tuke for the first time. 33 years later, for her second marriage, she has chosen the same place as her first, Touke. The same bridal parlor in the town hall that looks like a medieval English castle. Emmanuel Macron's parents will ask him not to meet their son anymore. "They are at an age with Brigitte and the fact that he leaves for Paris makes it very easy. For them, this story goes beyond the limits of folly, ”the author writes. "He was seventeen" is an intimate biography and portrait of French First Lady Brigitte Macron. Through storytelling and analysis, the author seeks to understand how, a woman of the small province bourgeoisie raised with her sisters, had the great courage to face her family and popular morals to live a second life with a man 24 years younger than her. The author tries to answer the questions: Was it the courage or the unconsciousness that had led Brizhit to "destroy her home" to embark on a frenzied adventure? Was Immanuel the one to take the first step? If so, how did he make up his mind? When exactly did their relationship begin? What miracle had happened that the Brizhita children had so easily accepted this stepfather not like the others (so says the official version), while not even affirmed forties admit their mother to love anyone other than her father? In July 2019, the book was awarded the Bernard-Mazières Prize for political content. Criticism The journalist investigates, but also frees her fantasy, by raising her "heroes", their environment, hypothesizing about their choices and mood. Still, it remains an easy book, but with accurate, entertaining, intimate testimony, without voyeurism. Le Figaro One of the most incredible love stories of our era, irresistibly told. The Sunday Telegraph The most shocking revelation Sylvie Bommel makes is of course the President's allegiance to his wife. Unusual for France! The Daily Telegraph Author Sylvie Bommel is a journalist. He writes intimate portraits of personalities in various fields for Vanity Fair and Le Journal du Dimanche. In 2017 she published her first book, Penelope. Sylvie Bommel is the author of the first poll on the Macron couple, published after the election, in May 2016, in the L'Express newspaper. Excerpts from Book 1) In his book Revolution, Emanuel Macron devotes several lines to acquainting himself with the woman of his life. “At the time, she had three children and a husband. While I was just a student. She didn't love me for what I had. For the career. For the support or security I gave her. She abandoned all that, for me. " 2) Such painful divisions will continue for ten years. Ten years to go from being clandestine to the couch - the first bed. For ten years, during which she lives and works in Amien, he studies in Paris or Strasbourg, Bove or Abyzha, Nigeria's capital, where he conducted the practice. Ten years, during which, at least in letters, she is the wife of Andre Ozier. Ten years before she, what she calls "my heart," was admitted to the family's family lunches at Tronie. Ten years to allow children time to grow up and gradually get used to the idea that this cute big brother can one day become their stepfather. Ten years of phone conversations in the street corner cabin because cell phones are rare and very expensive. Ten years puzzled for Brizhita on that sad Koraj train, which makes it back to Amien and smokes even in booths where he is not allowed. Ten years of confidence for Emmanuel, who will overcome all the barriers between the provincial high schooler and senior official, who feels redeemed like fish in the water in front of the Parisian elite. 3) What social stratagem does Brizhita come from? With what spoon did they get the muhalebin? Of plastic, iron, metal washed in silver, silver, or gold coated silver? Two centuries after the Revolution, the question of the social strata of origin remains an important component of every destiny, I did not expect the movement of the Wolves to be convinced of this. Had Emma Bovari, after whom Brizhita was so passionate, been the daughter of a maid, and not Uncle Rowley "one of the richest farmers", Flobery speculates, she would not have married a doctor, nor would she have had known limontine, the mother of all vices, as is known. And, most of all, she would not go to the seventh heaven with Rudolph for all afternoon, leaving little Berta to nurse, because she herself would have been nurse.

Title: He was seventy

(Brigitte Macron's Secrets)

Original title: Il venait d'avoir dix-septans

Author: Sylvie Bommel

Translated by: Blerta Hyska

Genre: Biography

Publication Date: October, 2019

Number Of Pages: 164

Price: 600 ALL