As soon as it was learned that Gent Zenelaj will be a member of the DWM jury this season, dozens of congratulatory messages came to Class magazine. The one who makes everyone laugh at his drums would be on the dance program jury as well. The Mondays, which were a little "boring" for him because "Stop" was ending sooner than leaving Summer and Alcatel, would now become more lovable because he would happily run himself and the public out of his chair. jury with its positive nature.

It has been several weeks since Gent sat on the jury panel and every Monday, the audience in the room, he from home, as well as the contestants themselves, are eager to give his assessment. It is not far from Valbona for maximum points, but it never forgets to compliment those who work hard to present themselves in public. To show that if they do this firmly and wholeheartedly, they succeed. As Gent did….

It was '97 when Gent decided to pursue acting and, for everyone, it was not easy for him to win a place at the Academy of Arts and get successful roles after four years. He remembers with great gratitude all the renowned professors, actors and directors of Albanian cinema and theater, who helped him find himself in Albanian art in difficult years - when it came to claiming art, it was the greatest luxury he could 'ask this people. However, Ghent managed not only to swim in the turbulent waters and not infrequently, but also to create his profile of an actor whose roles would only be a few years later. Like Robert's role in "Boeing Boeing" - the theater that already records 100 plays.

This week's comedy Boeing Boeing is back on stage for ArTurbina. The National Experimental Theater "Kujtim Spahivogli" returned to the stage one of the works that has marked success in various theatrical scenes.

"Boeing Boeing" presents the loveable adventures of French single Bernard (Amos Zaharia) with his beautiful stylings. Three stewards, one prettier than the other, one French, one German and one American, each believing to be Bernard's fiancé. Previously, Bernard knew how to juggle the girls, thanks to the detailed schedule of their flights, but when the situation changed and all three of his daughters arrive at the apartment the same day, Bernard with the help of his friend Robert ( Gent Zenelaj) fights in all ways that they do not know the truth. He manages to get out of the situation thanks to Robert.

But who is Robert and what does he represent? Why is it so similar to Gent, the actor who revealed to the public the qualities and virtues of a simple, provincial but principled man? There are at least 5 solid reasons why each of us should love a character more like Robert and after him, even the message the actor himself plays.

1. Robert is a provincial with principles

All of us can endlessly laugh at Gent's drums in Robert's role, but basically, he's a guy who believes in the principles that are born of a healthy family. The message conveyed by Robert and through him Gent from "Boeing Boeing" is that of a healthy bond, a united family, from which all the good things of life come from: "I was in the village 6 hours ago" - is a joke Gent's repetition in comedy, but outside of it it's easy to see that a guy like him won't let the "rustic Robert" get away from him, instead calls him to keep him close. Being a peasant like Robert is nothing more and nothing less than being simple, despite the naivety that characterizes his figure…

2. Robert, like Gent, is a very positive person

That was the role that Gent would not think twice about saying "Yes" to the project as soon as he read the script. It is no coincidence that we see Gent always laughing. Being positive is also the philosophy of his life: "This is also the philosophy of my life, to keep only positive people close, because we as a people just need optimism," the actor said in an interview with months ago. If you look at Robert's kindhearted, you've also seen Gent with him.

3. Robert is energetic

An extraordinary character, a fantastic, open-hearted man. What Robert is conveying is energy, and who better than Gent to convey this with the same force to the public? Energy also characterizes Gent, so Robert's role couldn't be better than him. It is fortunate that such roles as Robert's are addressed.

4. Robert is altruistic and empathetic

The comedy is centered on Bernard and his love affair with the three stewards, but the "rescue" comes at the end because there is, by chance, his friend Robert, who does his best to help and does so without waiting. no benefit. Putting himself in the role of Bernard, Robert himself experiences the same feelings as his friend, and, worse still, does his best to cover up Bernard's mistakes, no matter how hard he finds himself.

5. Robert is the character of every society

Because it's just the way it is. Fat, with glasses, a little rustic in appearance and naive in appearance. But it's the man everyone talks about and without whom no one can move forward. Every society of our time has in its midst a Robert, whom everybody scoffs at, but everybody needs. Because it's always there whenever you need it, whenever you want to cry with impatience or whenever you want to laugh endlessly. Robert is Ghent - the one that each of us needs ... If each of us had a little Robert inside, things could be different. Ghent is lucky, because he has some of Robert's best qualities, too. So his role was successful (not less so than others) because he probably didn't need much work to get Robert into the skin.

Because of Robert and the message he conveys, I love Gent even more…

See you tomorrow at Dance With Me!