Do you want to be You , one of those fortunate enough to help at London Fashion Week ? The two most talented will be given the opportunity.

Have you thought of the talent you have to further refine it? Venus Center gives you the chance through the trainers from London (the epicenter of fashion and beauty) to have the opportunity to learn something different.

Enrollments have begun. On November 14-15, two-day Makeup & Bodypainting Masterclass Professional will take place at Hotel Rogner from 1pm to 7pm with Makeup Artist from London Jo Sugar and Bobbi Bicker .

Joanne is a Makeup Professional Artist, accredited London trainer. She is an instructor at various makeup and beauty schools in London and Europe. Over 18 years of industry experience, and a long list of clients with Celebritie s and world renowned companies, working in Editorial, Beauty, High Fashion, Pasarela Mode, Magazines, TV, Music Videos, Movies . She comes to Albania for the first time to share her experience with you.

Bobbi Bicker already well-known in Albania from numerous television and publications networks, has often brought us the art of body painting and makeup. Bobbi is a London-based painter; began Bodypainting about 12 years ago where he received many awards. Her work has been seen in fashion shoots, events, TV, publications in various world magazines, she has won numerous awards and is often a jurist in various bodypainting competitions. (Google Now :))

Bobbi also trains at the College of Beauty and Makeup in London. For the past 3 years she has been doing Livestreaming on the Periscope App on Twitter where she does Art & Bodypainting tutorials, millions of people see her every month, her passion is to inspire and share her knowledge with people who love ART!

Don't miss the chance. Seats are limited so hurry up and register (click here) as soon as possible to secure your seat. We have many beautiful surprises for our students.

Masterclasses will be held at #HotelRogner Tirana-Albania, 13: 00-19: 00 For more info and registration contact us at: E: [email protected]

T: 0682293633 / 042364399. After Masterklas you will be provided with a Certificate.

Turn Your Passion into a Profession!