Every person is unique in their own way, but we all share the same human nature. It allows us to make connections with other people, and most importantly, to uncover the way we think. If you want to influence the decisions and opinions of others about certain situations, you need to learn these 5 psychological tricks that have a powerful effect on most people:

Create an illusion of choice

If you need someone to do something for you, look for a more difficult task to do before showing your original request. After rejecting bigger things, people tend to accept the request more easily. This works even when trying to convince someone. Give them 2 options at once: the thing you want and another more difficult task to accomplish. What you will achieve with this is to make your current request seem simpler next to the difficult one.

Mom knows what’s best

You can draw attention to your words by telling people that your father or mother taught you this. People conform to a figure of traditional discipline and will respect a mother or father empathically by thinking of their parents. Most people believe that their parents' words are wholeheartedly true and when you say your words come from a parent, it will have an effect like their family.

Borrow something

You may notice that someone does not like you as much as you would like. Ask them for a little something to borrow, maybe a book you're interested in. This will initially create an embarrassing bond between you, but once you return the item you received, things will change.

Silence can be appealing

During an embarrassing silence with a person you want to associate with, ask questions about themselves. Even the quietest person enjoys talking about himself. They will ask you something and the conversation will continue, breaking the silence.

Faith attracts people

After you finish talking during the talks, just look people in the eye and wait in silence. Your determined appearance will positively influence others' perception of what you have just said. If you lose eye contact after these intense moments, you will notice a loss of interest after a short time.

Make them feel great

Using the right words can make a huge difference when you need help. People tend to help you with your requirements if you present them as an honor. The growth of the ego will begin and they will feel like they are giving you a gift. Try using simple phrases like, "Please do me a favor" or "I really need your help".