Women's nutritional needs change throughout the menstrual cycle, and hormone fluctuations are not the only reason. Women also lose essential minerals and vitamins from bleeding. To recoup these losses, experts recommend a balanced diet in accordance with their periods.

Therefore, we will help you through this article by showing you the foods you should avoid during periods:


You should avoid dairy products if you have persistent colic. Milk contains lactose, a specific type of sugar that some people find difficult to digest. In addition, lactose can cause flatulence, stomach aches and nausea.


Studies show that consuming coffee during periods can actually increase their duration. Moreover, caffeine escalates premenstrual syndrome. If you are suffering from this, you should avoid drinking coffee before and after periods.

Spicy foods

Spicy foods can bring additional discomfort to your stomach. However, if you choose wisely, some spices can be beneficial to your body during periods. For example, chili is famous for its anti-inflammatory effects.


Your favorite foods may improve your mood, but they also contribute to swelling and inflammation due to the amount of refined sugar they contain. Your body is already going through enough problems to lose vital blood and minerals.