Dale Partridge is an entrepreneur, farmer, speaker of TEDx, consultant to several companies and writer. He is also a husband and father. He can be considered the perfect male for many women, as the way he conceives of marriage and relationship with his wife is unique.

Some time ago, he posted on Facebook a message dedicated to all the women he had married in his life. A message worth reading by every male, married and single.

"Men are often afraid of getting married because they think they will spend their whole lives" with the same woman. " But this is not true. I fell in love with a 19-year-old female, married a 20-year-old who adored animals, made a family with a great 24-year-old mother, set up a farm with a 25-year-old host, and today I'm married to a female smart 27-year-old. If your mind is healthy, you will never be bored of being alone with a woman. On the contrary, you will be amazed at the different versions you will find on her face as the years go by. So don't say 'no' to marriage, you keep saying 'yes' to the day you break up. "

This post by Dale seems to have touched the hearts of many men and women, so even within a few days the message has spread thousands of times. This was not the first time he had confirmed his belief in marriage. In a previous post he wrote:

“When a married man asks me to help him with something, I first ask him about his wife. Because I never want to help someone succeed in his career by destroying marriage. We men need to understand that we do not earn respect by the amount of pay, but by the brilliance of the woman on our side when we say that it is our priority. It is the symbol of our happiness. It is the greatest achievement. Marriage is a link to many challenges. Costs. Result? The profession should never pose a risk to marriage. But I have a question: Does your wife feel that you love her? Feeling that you are responsible for what you are taking on? What about you? Feel fulfilling the role God has given you to play in a relationship? So before you look for the next strategy at work, or before you spend hours in the office, start spending that time with your spouse, whom you decided to share your life with many years ago. I'm not saying don't reach the top of your career. But never do it at the expense of another, someone you vowed to give your life for. "

All women know that the difference between them over the years is most noticeable. Most of them look healthy, feature cellulite, wrinkles and white hair. They no longer wear sexy lingerie, nor are they waxed weekly. They also change psychologically, more. They feel more confident about some things, and more afraid of others. Many difficult moments and some very beautiful moments remain in memory. But most of all, women learn to feel more. They want more, hope more, suffer more. Most importantly, understand that one's life-long learning. It learns more about itself, about the children, about the man at their side. They may be the same person you married many years ago, but at the same time they have changed so much. And this is not bad at all, on the contrary.