The skin is cured on the table, because thanks to the proper nutrition we can add to the constituent organisms which favor durability, resilience, cleanliness. The most important moment of the day? Breakfast, because yogurt, water and fruits cleanse the body and increase vitality. Here are 10 foods for healthy and beautiful skin.

Honey - Antibacterial and natural antibiotic, honey repairs the skin, nourishing it. Use instead of marmalade and sugar. Remember that it is great for skin masks as well.

Blue Fish - Thanks to Omega Three fish is an essential concentrate for the body. It is advisable to cook on steam by spicing it up for a healthy, beautiful skin and for the correct lines.

Yogurt - Helps in the good digestion and disinfection of the body by keeping the skin in shape and shiny. Yogurt is good especially when consumed in the morning or in the afternoon with fresh fruit or a spoonful of honey.

Dried Fruits - Almonds, hazelnuts and nuts are rich in Omega Three and Omega Six: a true anti aging skin recipe. Use in an intermediate meal.

Red meat - When the need to lose weight by many pounds arises there is a risk of skin lines from changing weight. Whoever eats red meat may be favored in this regard because the high level of iron and protein in it is able to favor the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is important to choose quality meat and eat in moderate amounts.

Water - Drinking water is a healthy and beautiful gesture. It serves to cleanse and disinfect the body. Start the morning with a glass of lukewarm water: carry it with you when leaving a bottle of water and feel the difference after drinking it several times a day.

Integral cereals - Integral pasta, integral rice, etc. are rich in mineral salts and vitamin E, essential for the beauty of the skin.

Avocado - Very good to use in salads. It is rich in natural fats and antioxidants.

Green Tea - Recommended in the morning by alternating with milk, digesting well and helping as an antioxidant. It can be used several times during the day.

Fruits and Vegetables - Afternoon usually starts and gets hungry? Utilize the power of the fruit. Maybe even accompanied by fresh yogurt. They will keep the skin healthy and fresh.