Depending on what we go through, our personality goes through different stages. It's an experience that everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. However, some of us need more time to go through some stages, and this has nothing to do with age. To better understand what stage you are in now, look at the images and choose one of the symbols you like best. Believe in your intuition and discover what stage of life you are in now!

1. Athletic Stage

This is the most immature stage in a man. It manifests with pride and arrogance. Anyone who passes through this phase is particularly concerned about how others view it. People at this stage live as if they were the center of the universe. They do not pay attention to the needs of others and do not want to care about them. Narcissism is the main feature at this stage, the person is also prone to criticism. Although there are two opposite trends, they coexist in the athletic phase. This is if the person is very confident or has low self-esteem.

2. The war phase

At this stage the person is mature and understands that he is responsible for all the consequences of his decisions. It begins to recognize this responsibility before others. This phase is characterized by ambition and a tendency to achieve everything you have planned. Striving to change the world through your actions and knowledge. In fact this phase is called "war". We now learn to fight for what we want and what we believe. Moreover, the person becomes more motivated to achieve the goals.

3. Stage of declaration

After overcoming suspicions of narcissism, there comes a time when one realizes that he not only needs to gain experience but also to share it with the people around him. At the previous level, man has learned to take responsibility for his actions. On the contrary, he has now come to teach his descendants the same. At this point, besides having children, you think about what you can leave behind. The person wants to leave a legacy to be proud of. Now family values ​​are especially described, which means you are trying to be a good parent and trying to make your children happy.

4. Spiritual stages

The last step is to know your soul. This is when you begin to realize how immaterial the world is. Despite the importance of money, relationships, children, and previous successes, one leaves them and instead prefers to know myself better. At this stage we notice the tendency for unity with the spirit world. You begin to treat everything with compassion and kindness without expecting something in return. This last step can make you really happy.