We've all heard different stories of betrayal from people we know, or we've seen movies with stories where the focus was on the betrayal of one of the partners. But what drives a person to betray?

Scientists tell us 3 reasons why partners betray:

Lack of emotional intimacy

The inability to talk to the person at heart and the lack of support drives women and men to betray. There is a stereotype that the main motives a man betrays are: sex. However, the truth seems to be different. Marriage counselor Gary Neuman says 47% of his male clients have been betrayed for lack of emotional communication with their partner. The situation gets worse because men do not want to show their empathy and women do not understand the fact that their boyfriend needs support. They may understand this later or even ignore it.

Impact of previous experiences and society

If a person has betrayed before, there is a high probability that they will act the same with a new partner. It is interesting how the people around also influence one's tendency toward infidelity. In an anonymous survey, more than 75% of men who committed adultery showed that their friends also betray them.

Boring intimate relationships

The lack of new emotions in a person's sex life is why 70% of men and 49% of women decide to betray. This does not mean that those who betray have had a relationship with problems and scandals. No no. They have simply decided to betray you because the privacy under the sheets you no longer like. It even looks boring to you.