Yesterday news spread rapidly in the news portals that 11-year-old Albanian Alvin Berisha had been taken out of the infamous Al Hol camp in Syria, where he had been staying for a long time. But the news has been refuted by Alvin's father, Afrim Berisha, who responded in a Facebook post to friends and relatives who posted on Facebook the news of his son's rescue, telling the truth . He writes that Alvin is still in the camp, demanding that no false news be given to his son. Afrim Berisha says he will announce himself for any further developments that may occur with the Alvin case. The 11-year-old's father adds that he is dealing with some documents.

It is not true that Alvin is out of camp. Alvin is still in camp. Don't give in to useless news ok thank you very much. It is not true, Alvin is still in the camp do not give false news thank you very much Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers friends and friends do not trust anyone for the news that is given is not true. Wait for me, I'm dealing with letters yet I greet you from afar thank you very much, God save you!

Alvin Berisha's painful story touched the hearts of all Albanians and Italians, as it aired about a month ago on the investigative show "Le Iene" on Mediaset. The 11-year-old was taken by his mother to Syria 5 years ago. She died in the war during the bombing along with an ISIS fighter whom she had married. Alvin, who sustained severe fractures to his leg, was also injured in the attack. Italian show staff made it possible to meet father and son after 5 years, but Afrim could not take the boy with him