Stage: You have important meetings throughout the day and you have to move around from place to place. It is raining outside and it is cold and you would allow everything to stay 5 minutes longer in bed. However, this is impossible. You have to get up and do the day's work.

However, during the hours you will feel great sadness. Why?

Seasons affect our mood and mood. It is not just a coincidence that you are sad on a rainy day and happy on a beautiful day, all related to science. Your body can respond to the weather in different ways, depending on the person and his personality.

Some may say that the weather cannot affect their mood unless they allow it. According to one study, men were able to prevent the weather from affecting their mood more easily than women. They simply ignored the weather and changed their plans around it. So women are less susceptible to changing plans, which affects their mood. Again, everything depends on the person, their environment and how they respond to certain situations.

Another interesting example where this theory can be proved is that sunny states are the happiest places. Think about it seriously.

Florida and California are filled with mostly happy people and most likely due to the ideal weather prevailing throughout the year. Although the effects of the weather vary depending on the situation, the consensus should be: No matter what kind of person you are, you can't stop the way you feel when you go out every day.