It is a sensation as distant as it is close to the magic of a country like Morocco. Distant, because it takes you back in time, a déjà vu with grandmother's mysteries and her chest covered in a white silk, but close because you are so close to the place of mysteries that time turns. Along with silk, the light touch of both worlds.

Traveling to a distant world with mysteries is not so impossible in our time, but if the destination is Marrakesh, travel cannot be comparable to any other. Morocco, the dream and blessing of artists, the inspiration of creative people, has been and remains the subject of vibrant colors, where traditional and modern sleep together; where the soul finds peace and the dream ascends up into the air…. like HELIUM.

Marrakesh, the tangible dream of the red city

A place as legendary as it is real, as old as young, where tradition and modernity sleep together, the sweet nostalgia of faraway places, the magical land that touches every tourist's dream worldwide, an oasis of inspiration for all of them who choose to visit. Buildings and mansions with ripe reds, 19-mile "ring" walls, countless parks and adorable temples breathe life into tourists and make Morocco more memorable.

Founded about 1,000 years ago on the edge of the Sahara, this southern market town developed more than all the major cities of Maghreb, a UNESCO Heritage site. But Marrakesh is not just a part of the hardened history that tourists come to touch and enjoy. This place has everything a tourist would want to experience on his vacation. In every corner of town you can see those who are otherwise known as snake people, flute and create musical notes as snakes "dance".

It was not an ordinary trip by Alketa Weysiu and Jonida Maliqi to Marrakesh, powered by Globus Travel. The choice was not random after the project they designed and designed together. Equally unusual was Helium, the project that Alketa and Jonida, two old friends, present in this Class interview.

Jonida Maliqi: Helium makes me go up in my dream

How did you come up with the idea of doing business together?

I think in life things never happen by accident. It was the cover of Class Magazine that connected me to this journey with Alceta and her wonderful staff. Life has taught me to be grateful and never forget the support of others, especially at key moments. As was her support during my Eurovision experience. So, in vain, I gave the first interview after Eurovision to Class magazine and after this collaboration, one of the messages I received was from Alketa. Congratulating me, he wrote these words to me that were like a "ding dong" to awaken this passion. “You have to become a designer, honey. You have to make a brand of your own. Not like your second. So Karl to follow. You are 'gifted' for this job like no other. " I didn't think twice and so we decided to create the "Capsule" collection, where Alketa, having already had such an enterprise, could make my dream come true. Her faith filled me and immediately gave way to our joint work.

What did you miss from both of your childhood we will definitely find in this collection?

Our childhood has been rich, full of artistic activities. We grew up together on stage, but in those days none of us had the luxury of choosing or creating the right clothing and materials. In short, in the '90s, our country was poor, and what we bring today has nothing to do with that time, except our mutual trust, respect and work.

Silk is one of those desired stage materials and full of light and shine that we have only seen on screen during our childhood. As we created today this fluid, so loving line, as a caress that gives our skin not only the stage, but also our daily life and those women who will love, and feel comfortable the elegance and sensitivity that gives you 100 percent silk.

Are you afraid that business partnerships can "endanger" your friendship?

No, by no means do we have this fear, here I am speaking on behalf of Alceta considering our early friendship of more than two decades and not forgetting to realize our personal goals both in the image and in the image. even in business. We started this collaboration for a single purpose. The desire to be two proud women together full of passion, energy and love for beauty - what every woman wants.

Why did you choose to make the presentation from Marrakesh?

For the location or how to market our innovation, Alketa is the mind and the implementer. And where better than Marrakesh, one of the places with the IN at the moment and so suited to this chic collection, could a photoshoot be made to expose these dresses?

What did you find in Marrakesh (concrete element, inspiration detail) that you would use at any cost in this collection?

The outfits were first created and after a long discussion on how to offer them to the public, we decided on this magical place where silk is the headline. From this place, kaftans are already a lifelong trend, as are places like the famous Yves Saint Laurent Garden, in which we carried out the first photographic set and further into the country's busiest rides or resorts that fit so well with the Marrakesh.

Helium is a first fashion project, why do you think it will be successful?

Because this has been the constant desire not only of mine but also of individuals who have valued my style over the years. So I do not forget the above words of Alketes, for it was he who awakened me from that vegetable dream, which I had not the courage to launch myself. Moreover, the models are suitable for any type of female physique, very comfortable and charming at the same time. Dress at any moment of the day or night, whether for a special event or for a weekend.

Why "Helium"?

Because our very ideology is to feel with these garments as in the air, with fluidity, with pleasant sensitivity. When you have it on your skin, it feels so slippery to the dress that it is almost ready to caress with ease, unlike any other material. 100 percent silk and with unique details of an equally soft lace that makes this dress even more sensual.

Becoming rich in Albania by becoming fashionable, you earn more than music?

My income was mainly from the fashion business, because I made such choices, probably because of the reality that I had. I have never had artistic activity in clubs or events of this nature and my "comfort zone" was exactly fashion. Music is my first love, without which I would not be who I am today.

The silk, the basic fabric of this collection, is always directly related to the skin. So intimate is your inspiration for this line of clothing?

Absolutely yes, because for me the dress is not just a facade, but second skin where beyond what we see, each of us exhibits personality through it.

What has it been like working with Livia, a Class By Av stylist, sharing the same wardrobe ideas?

Without Livia, this collection would not exist. It was what made my ideas and hers so beautiful and natural. We had an instant feeling for each other and I am happy to have a girlfriend in my life and a girl as rare and talented as her.

In an exclusive interview with Class, you stated that "you are very happy", what makes you so happy outside of what we all see?

Happy ... how beautiful and at the same time scary this word is. Because you never know what the measure of happiness is. Even when you are at peace, accomplished and at peace, you still retreat thinking long to the contrary. Life has put me through great trials, and from them I have learned to accept and love it the way I do, but never forgetting to love myself the most and to appreciate and accept the love, dedication, respect that I have. granted.

The inspiration for this project is a concrete name, a real place or…?

It's just "Helium" that makes me climb up with my dream.

What is it called? (:()

Love and passion!

Alketa Vejsiu: An Albanian brand of 100 percent silk

Jonida Maliqi, "Helium" and Class By AV, what is this trinity expected to create?

A lightweight feather collection, like a helium balloon, that creates the feeling of relief, flight, comfort, a feminine feel, silk becomes one with the skin, silk is such a sensual and feminine fabric. It's a collection that can fit any girl's physiognomy, regardless of length, weight, skin color. In silk, every girl shines and looks elegant and divine.

Why did you choose Marrakesh to present the first collection, what did you get from there?

I have an essential oil of "Moroccan Rose" called "La Rossa Morocco", which I really like. It has always been the symbol that led me virtually to Morocco. I love roses, they look so feminine. Those Moroccan fountains with floating roses had left me impressed by the photos I had requested on Instagram. I have a rich folder of "things to do before you die" and that was one of them.

I had seen the stylist Yves Saint Lauren's film and I was impressed by the phrase "everything in Morocco was black". This place brought colors to my creations ”and, in fact, the red city between the desert and an early civilization was so perfect for presenting a silk collection. Silk kaftans and kimonos originate from there. In our collection, silk comes with the best quality, compared to all its variants on the market.

"Helium" or "Sun" (from Greek - Helios), is a symbol of transparency, freshness, elegance. Why did you choose this name, what does it mean?

We chose it because Helium is light, it is air, it is oxygen, it is cool. Helios is sun, it's light, it's glow. The air and the Sun filled this indispensable binomial of existence, the water being Jonida and I, with ideas flowing in two minds that create. One creates, the other develops and materializes.

A whole collection of silk is not common for fashion in Albania, what makes you believe that you will succeed?

We think silk is a secret for a girl to look sensual and elegant. It is one of the most elegant material that exalts feminine elegance like nothing else. The guarantee is the quality of sewing and realization and definitely the best quality of silk. It has some silk texture and the one we used is among the finest.

What do you expect this project to bring you most?

It's a "Capsule" collection that can pave the way for another. We're processing it.

What is the secret that Jonida did not tell you, but you discovered on her own (regarding fashion)?

Jonida can be a super Designer. In Albanian fashion, with her unique character and taste, she has set standards, broken barriers, and made Tirana look more beautiful through her photos.

What is Jonida's strongest point in the fashion field that gives assurance of the success of this project?

Jonida naturally has that talent. You know the fashion world brilliantly, you know what strengths certain brands have for certain styles. She is a perfectionist in materials selection and sewing. Knows make-up and photography. And she's a real serious professional. The choice is a novelty because there is no 100% silk brand in Albania. Those who love silk and know its secrets will appreciate it. We went on sale at a good price.

What about the role of Livia Myftari, the Class By Av stylist, who was particularly prominent in the latest Class Fashion Show show?

Livia is an Excecutive Designer. She worked near Jonida to pursue performance at the Atelier Class. It's a talented "Content Creator" to create this Collection's Look Book with Orsola Mema, our talented photographer, who will bring one of her best sets.


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Stylist: Livia Myftari, Class By Alketa Vejsiu

Photography: Orsola Mema, Class Photography

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