Brushing is a very important part of daily hygiene. If you do not brush your teeth frequently during the day (or long enough), they will be destroyed very quickly.

But when it comes to water temperature, do you usually use hot or cold water to brush your teeth? What is the best way to clean your teeth better?

Many dentists are of the opinion that the water temperature does not matter. Anne Skare, a lecturer at the Institute of Clinical Dentistry, University of Oslo, says most people use cold water for habituation: "We always drink cold water because we consider it cool. But the truth is that there is no it matters whether we use hot or cold water for our teeth, "she says.

Richard H. Price, a spokesman for the American Dental Association, told the New York Times: "If I ask someone for a toothbrush, I don't want to know what temperature the water is as long as it doesn't burn itself "He says, however, adding that if the water is too warm, it softens the brush and may cause the gums to pierce.

In conclusion, hot or cold, water does not matter. Only one thing: news, news, news!