For scalp and hair, masks with spinach and olive oil are one of the most recommended by specialists. It is a blend that not only cleanses the scalp, but at the same time, nourishes the hair and makes the hair very healthy.

Take 1 cup of spinach and mix with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of oil (olive or coconut oil recommended). Mix all the mass in a blender until it is very thick but not too liquid. Once you have blended it well, apply it on the scalp and hair. Hold for half an hour or an hour, then wash your hair as usual.

It's a mask you can use every week and the results are amazing. Stimulates hair growth and significantly affects hair loss.


Beforehand, you should leave the spinach in boiling water until a pulp is formed. After you graze, spinach pour olive oil (it is most recommended for hair growth). If you have dry or damaged hair, this mixture is like a charm.