Did you know that women who grow up without a father turn out to be stronger and more intelligent than women who have a father figure throughout their growth and life? This is a scientific study conducted at Harvard University.

Researchers at the university conducted a study that found that women who grow up without a father are stronger, smarter, independent, successful, and can grow and mature faster than other women. Because they usually fight for what they want, for their dreams and goals, without having to have someone else's approval.

Adult fatherless women are better off living alone at home, they know how to cope better with difficult situations, they can give their daughters a strong example of women, they are a great source of inspiration. They have a responsible and mature character, just like their mothers who are responsible, strong, mature, courageous, raising them themselves.

A mother's example is essential for girls and their personality. If the mother is independent, she is sure of herself, looking for ways to find the perfect solution for everything, and so her daughter will surely be.

There are women for whom a father's absence may be less favorable, but it all depends on the mother's influence on the lives of her children. Experts point out that all parents need to educate their children about independence so that they will be able to cope with life, be successful in their professional and personal lives, and become the ones they truly want to be when they grow up.

Lacking a father can be difficult for any child, but there are mothers who do everything to raise sons and daughters in an absolutely peaceful way, laying the foundation for their future.