Do you also belong to the group of people who have been involved in mania to earn more and more money in order to create a good bank account and then make a life of luxury? Almost all of us have been touched by this trend for a while and we all want to have the latest iPhone model, the most expensive car and normally park it in a large garage of a super luxury villa.

But the worst is that in order to do so we sacrifice ourselves and, most importantly, our health. More often than not, we avoid the main meals of the day such as breakfast or lunch because work has involved us all and we are unable to breathe. This leads us to avoid unhealthy and unhealthy foods by thinking that we are saving ourselves a precious time. Perhaps it is also true that we can save ourselves a precious part of our time following this modern lifestyle, but to the detriment of our health, because at dinner we try to consume all three meals at once and normally then we will have sleep problems as well.

But don't expect that by following this modern lifestyle you will achieve high results in your career in the long run, maybe in the short run there are more opportunities. You can't expect to get the best results at work when your body is not in its best condition, not resting enough and not eating well.

One or two consecutive nights, with a limited number of hours of sleep, may lead you to finish a project on time, but in the longer run such behavior will ruin your career. your. Yes, if you are not surprised at all. Such a lifestyle can ruin your career because every one of us, if he wants to have a better performance, has to complete his bedtime, especially if it is a long-term career.

So let's take a step back and face reality

Lack of sleep can be best compared to taking very small doses of poison which can kill you tomorrow. Therefore, whatever your job or the commitments you may have, try never to deprive yourself of sleep.

Source: Monitor