It's official: Doing exercises can make you happier than money. It happens, under the right circumstances, of course. However, there are some studies that show the link between happiness and exercise to help you be more motivated during your workouts.

Exercises can make you happier than a $ 25,000 revenue increase.

In this study, researchers from Yale and Oxford asked about 1.2 million Americans what their physical routine was, while collecting data on their ancestry (gender, income, marital status, medical history, etc.). helped them find a direct link between happiness and physical activity.

What came out of the study was that people who did physical activity had a mental health 43% higher than those who did not engage in any sport. The researchers found that physical activity made the subjects evaluate their mental health in a similar way as people who earned $ 25,000 more than they did.

Some sports make you happier than others

They also found that some sports are more effective in making people happy than others. Typically, this includes group sports, as they allow team members to be social, as this study shows. Surprisingly, gymnastics and cycling offer the same benefits, despite not being classified as group sports.