Did you click this article because you are thinking about making your dream wedding come true? Or because you just like to be inspired by beautiful things? Be that as it may, we have some suggestions for you and hope to help you out a bit.

You have probably created some ideas in your mind for the big day, but who said there is no better and more beautiful than that? The beauty has no end, especially when it comes to an event as special as a wedding.

We can confidently say that the 2019 Class Event weddings are among the most beautiful weddings you could have caught your eye on. That magic of fairy tales with princesses has been exactly what we've seen come true from Class Events. Dream decorations, perfect in every detail!

Below we summarize some of the 2019 weddings that were accomplished perfecting the exquisite taste and brides' wishes that this year were the dream protagonists of Class. Make sure you find yourself somewhere;)

A wedding like that of Erjola, by the sea in a transparent tent filled with lights that resemble millions of stars.

Like the one of Elseid and Fiorenza organized in the fortress of Shkodra, which Class turned into a fortress from what we imagined when we heard tales of princesses.

Like that of Afrona and Bleros, elegant, white as ice with a sun-kissed altar.

A Boho-style tale for all those free spirits who want to "break" the tradition a little.

Or like this in Lago Di Garda? Because Class is everywhere!

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