A person should take 2000 or 1500 calories a day or less or more depending on physical activity and age, but this should be distributed throughout the day. Although breakfast should be a full meal as it provides us with some of the energy for the hours ahead, many of us start the day by consuming something at noon. If you are afraid of excess pounds you think that by not eating a meal you will lose weight faster, you are wrong! A rich breakfast has the exact opposite effect and the best choice is oats, writes living.al.

This delicious grain not only speeds up the body, but according to recent studies you can speed up the process of losing weight just by eating oats for breakfast.

The study included men and women divided into three groups, writes living.

The first group was given oatmeal for breakfast, the second cornflakes and the third group nothing. Everyone ate lunch and dinner alike.

The researchers retained the blood sugar and insulin levels of all study participants and published the findings in a scientific journal. They found that the first group had less food demand in the early hours of the day before lunch and consumed 31% fewer calories per lunch. Participants in the second group showed a desire for food after three hours and the third group even earlier.

Oats not only make you feel fuller, but reduce your need for calories by 31-50%. Here are some other benefits:

Lower cholesterol levels

Improves digestion

Keeps blood sugar levels under control

It is a very good source of iron, magnesium, various vitamins and protein.