The inspiration for 'Shadow', characterized by duplicate detail and several different layers in design, comes as a result of thinking of women and girls who are exemplars in their community as 'the force of change' . It all comes as a natural impetus to boldly display the most important elements that make us feel perfect and special to others - so it can also be seen as a stylish appreciation for ourselves.

This season, the 'Icon' model Air Force 1 - comes with some innovations that bring a fresh dimension to the distinctive features of the silhouette.

Each of these traits is inspired by a feminine perspective that aims to build the unlimited power of faith. This strength is central to the ever-changing standard that defines what it means to wear Nike classics.

The girls who had the opportunity to feel this inspiration are: Viola Spiro, Sara Berisha & Arjola Shehu.

All three girls firmly believe in the strength that their femininity represents, making personal and professional challenges translate into WINNING.

You can find models of the 'Nike Air Force 1 Shadow' at the Nike Shop at TEG Shopping Center.