Our body can discover many personality traits and we already know that. The shape of your nose, the way you sit in a chair, but your toes can also reveal some features for you.

Is the second toe bigger than the first? Do your fingers have different lengths or are they all almost the same length?

By the length of your fingers, your feet can tell you what kind of person you are.

Ordinary foot

This is the most common type of foot. If your feet are like that, you are a very balanced man. You are spontaneous and social: you enjoy meeting new people and are always open to new experiences. You enjoy traveling because you like exploring different cultures.

Foot of the "flame"

The thing to note here is that the second toe is longer than the big toe. If you have this kind of footwork, you are a very sporty person. You're also creative: you like to think about new things. Because of the enthusiasm that characterizes you, you easily win people over and make them trust you. But you can also be impulsive sometimes.

Square foot

With this type of toe, all toes are approximately the same length. You are a true thinker; you like to go carefully and make an actual decision. You are a practical person and you are also very reliable.

Leg stretched out

This leg is relatively long and the fingers cross slightly. If you have this kind of toe, you are an introvert. You have hidden depths. You can be impulsive and your mood can swing really fast.