Albanian-born singer Anna Oxa is a self-confessed special on the first night of Magic Song. It is not the first time that the singer of Albanian origin comes to the Magic Song, but this time, her mission is bigger than ever.

On her Instagram profile, Arditi posted a photo today showing the Italian singer confirming her participation, but as a public, joining the great Magic Song initiative.

"Anna Oxa, after hearing the tragedy of November 26, called me and asked what would happen to the Magic Song. She was thrilled by the mission and thoughtlessly told me that she would be here on Wednesday (December 4th) at the Magic Song. He told me that I would buy a ticket and sit down with the public, adding that we are artists, that's why, ?Arditi said.

Thank you! #ANNAOXA

After asking for days how the country is going with the earthquake situation, on Wednesday night, she will be with us on the first night @kengamagjikeofficial joining the cause of Albanian artists.