I am not part of the group of people who believe in superstitions! Quite simply, in the normal course of daily life I had foreseen that Tuesday the 26th of November would be another ordinary day like all the others! But God and nature made us a surprise, one that cannot be foreseen, but that unfortunately hit everyone in our little Albania! Adults and children, old and young, people of public and ordinary integrity, everyone! Because the earthquake doesn't ask! Don't choose! No warnings! It gives no signals! It hits when you don't expect it! It is as if they had worked out a strange trick for which we were all unprepared!

The morning of November 26, to daybreak, was not only an earthquake shake, with devastating consequences on human lives and material damage! It was more than that! I would see it on another spectrum, maybe even more personal! A shake of conscience! A heartbeat that rushes through life, after work, after money, after material possessions, after hours spent away from children, parents, dear ones who build on the genesis of the "essence" of our lives and give it a multidimensional meaning .

I can't say, nor do I want to think I'm the other person behind the fateful earthquake that touched our hearts and lives on the Tuesday morning we left behind, but I want to "scream" strongly that: Yes, I see life with other filters! With more colors! More positive thoughts! More willingness to take life and every minute the best. Because we all saw in those 30 seconds the horror that shook the minds and hearts of each of us. We are so small in the face of the power of the universe and God! The unbelievers of nature and all the surprises she brings year after year. The chaos of many buildings, the abuse of buildings, their quality, the terrain, everything man has done to the earth and the ecosystem, seems to be turning us back today with a bill that is being paid dearly! With the lives of lost people, with sad families that will sadly freeze the cold winter with the frost that may have "frozen" their souls and hearts today, due to the loss of loved ones, to the roof of the dilapidated home and the torment of a life that collapsed in a fraction of a second before the eyes! Despite the mobilization of government structures, individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to recover in record time from the effects of the fatal 26 November earthquake, the pain and sadness that has left this stroke are perhaps on the list of those irreversible effects that have on their lives. people will continue to feel for a long time.

Perhaps, this article is not the "dose" needed to change the lives or minds of everyone who reads it to the end, but it is certainly a willing approach to improvement and an urgent need to view life differently!

I see more and more color filters all around us after the rumble that nature made on Tuesday morning, but I think it's essential to understand that not only an earthquake with fatal consequences on people's lives can shake our consciousness about it be better people tomorrow! Dearest! More solid and willing to contribute all our strengths and energies where needed, where needed, where impossible, where poverty is, where God's temptation and nature are! This spirit must become a standard reflection of thinking and acting, to be better and more positive people tomorrow!

Because we found out in just 30 seconds! We are so powerless to convert what nature has planned for us spirits. What is up to us to do as human beings is to first turn our eyes to ourselves, to set the filters of love and positivity in our hearts and minds. This is what makes us better people!