Science shows some divisions are so painful that they can be compared to losing a family member, but there are people who say that "Time heals everything." What you need to know is that you must strategize if you want to leave behind the pain that sharing with your partner can cause. For your benefit you should follow these steps:

Complete for a period of time

Our brains associate a breakdown with pain. In fact, psychological distress can be so excruciating that in the case of married couples, separation from a spouse causes more stress than the loss of a family member. Something dies down: the bond and the future of the relationship you had together. That is why it is a good idea to vent for a period of time and accept that everything is over.

Don't fall into the trap of idealizing the relationship

The relationship was not perfect. However, after a breakup, we tend to forget the difficult parts, romanticize the best parts of the relationship, and idealize the former. Instead of boasting about the past, try to make a list of all the elements that have made this relationship fail. Keep this list in mind as often as you feel the need to call and remember the reasons why this connection did not work.

Reject "friendship request"

He may say "but we can be friends". You cannot be friends and you both know this. Don't be fooled, whether you've been friends or in big debate — you both can never become friends.

Eliminate the possibility of contact

After separation, it is suggested that you stop talking to your ex-partner unless you have a baby or something important. If you want to forget it, contact us in no way. No phone calls, emails or messages. Make sure they don't appear on your social networks either.