We put a lot of emphasis on the skin, especially the face, and spend a lot of time getting to know the best detergents or how to wash our face, but we overlook some other things that are equally important. For example, what should we know about face drying after washing it? According to dermatologists, facial towels are even more important than you might think.

A question that often comes to your mind: Can we use the same towel for both face and body? Absolutely not! You need to separate the towels from your body and it's not just a matter of hygiene. Products that you use for the body like: moisturizers, detergents, perfumes, etc. should not end up on your face as it can give unwanted effects. They can clog pores, can cause acne and irritation.

In fact, the bacteria remain on every towel you can use, so you should keep a separate face towel and make sure it stays clean. For this reason you should change your towels as often as you can, maybe every two days and if you have a problematic face, even more often.