Solidarity voiced around the world in support of those affected by the tragic November 26 earthquake has exceeded expectations. In addition to aid structures and official political bodies from countries around the world, assistance has been given to families affected by the earthquake by ordinary people who are individually engaged.

Prime Minister Rama's wife, Linda Rama, has also joined the aid offered to Albania after the devastating earthquake. As an experienced volunteer in managing the humanitarian crisis during the Kosovo war, Rama chose to join the volunteer group in this tragic case for us.

Ms. Rama volunteered to assist a group of foreign experts, mainly from USAID, who have experience in managing disasters caused by natural disasters. This structure has helped not only to develop a standard form, standardized with European models, that is being used to identify all damages in all three counties; Tirana, Durres and Lezha, but also with the methodology used for measurements in building structures.

Rama has been reluctant to talk about her contribution in this delicate post-earthquake moment, but explains the help foreign experts have provided in these unusual days for Albania.