Of course, everyone knows that colored or print clothes are not washed with white ones, because the latter always require specified and careful washing, but I also know that dark colored clothes like black, blue or color other dark ones also require special washing? If you put all the colored clothing in the washing machine and press the "permanent wash" button, then you're making a big mistake.

Dark clothes lose color more easily, so even after some washing, the color fades quickly. For this reason, it is advisable to always wash them with cold water. Washing them with hot water will quickly deteriorate the clothes, but they will also lose color. In a very short time, black jeans will turn gray.

Unless the garments have significant stains or are dirty, in other cases it is best to wash the dark clothing with a short process to eliminate discoloration. Also another mistake with dark clothes is drying in the washing machine. Dark colored clothes are advised to dry naturally in order to preserve their color longer.

Basically, to keep the color as long as possible in dark coats, it is best to wash and dry in a short process. This way you will minimize color fading and preserve them for longer.