Mom is the best friend, for many of us! A US study has found that talking to her on the phone is fantastic for her mood. The reason to grab a cellphone is often here, so teach it to you!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a mother as a friend! Especially in adolescence, when there is constant conflict. But at the end of this phase, at about the age of thirty, one realizes that he has no enemy but the best ally behind him. Interests are increasingly similar, no one is ashamed to go out with Mom to have a coffee or go to the movies, trips are planned with pleasure, and any concerns are made with her. When the call is over, you will feel better immediately. The reason is scientific and was discovered in a study by the University of Chicago.

Research has shown that a phone call with the mother favors the production of the happiness hormone, or oxytocin, which is able to calm the mind and restore good mood. The test was conducted including a sample of girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 12, all taken in a stress situation. Those who spoke to their mother had a real boost in raising oxytocin levels in the body, precisely because there is no other figure capable of giving comfort and promoting a sense of peace. Another group was given a movie with a happy ending instead of a phone call. And there the girls had no change of mood.

Living away from home is often a choice for many of us, but we need to know how lucky we are to always rely on our mother. For a disappointment in love, a problem at work, and even a functional shopping advice, she's always there. In short, since a boyfriend or friends can be a comfort in many cases, there is no doubt that for the mother, her presence is always a panacea, and her advice or "stay calm" restores the smile to anyone.