Adriana Matoshi, the Kosovo Albanian actress, has told more about her career and the darkest part of her life in an interview with "Nin". She has revealed that seven years ago, when she was pregnant with her fourth child, she discovered that she had a head tumor.

“In 2012 I was pregnant with my fourth child. Everything was all right until one moment when I had dizziness and increased vomiting. I realized it wasn't just pregnancy, there was a tumor in my head. I didn't tell anyone. I was offered the role in the movie 'Return', I refused at first but then thought it would be my last role. I accepted! We've been shooting for three days. I had terrible pain, especially last night. I thought that night I would be born. It was a difficult, difficult period, but it was a success.

On January 27, 2012, when I was born Pinean, I was called from America to congratulate the girl and to give me the news that the film had also won. I've seen the news on TV and have been compared to a Hollywood actress. I was very happy, but I didn't know how everything would go.

I really wanted to live, even though it was difficult because I was just born. I lost my eyesight because of the tumor, but over time I was able to look again. Three weeks after I gave birth to my daughter, I went and got operated on. It has been very difficult, both emotionally and painfully. But it has served me very professionally. I remember these things when I needed to get into a role, ”she said.

However, Matoshi found the strength to keep going, and it seems that all these difficulties made her stronger.

"At one point, I said to myself, 'Will you fall to the bottom of the well and not even your child love you, or choose to go on, with the most beautiful profession in the world, to break down ... because you're young and good sound? Do you remember the tumor? Do you remember being knocked off the horse and staying for four months without moving? I have had many difficult times, but thank God we are well and am deciding to live. God has given me a superpower. I had all the good people I loved and I realized that I had so many good things that I had never seen before, ”she confessed.

Adriana has also shown that she strives to be a good mother and find time for her four children, despite many commitments.