Is it right to feel so much pain to have smooth, hairless legs? What is this medicine that saves you before waxing? Because we all know that this process is somehow "barbaric" and every woman has to go through it to get satisfactory results. This is an anesthetic cream and is based on lidocaine, a drug commonly used as a local anesthetic. "It is found in pharmacies as a cream and is associated with tetracaine or prilocaine," explains dermatologist Mariuccia Bucci.

To use this "gift from paradise" it is necessary to read the booklet carefully, because depending on its formulation, each anesthetic cream has a different speed of action. You should apply it for 15 to 45 minutes before starting the waxing process.

You need to apply it as a thick and spacious layer. When the area of ​​application is completely bleached this means that the anesthetic has acted correctly. After 45 minutes the cream should be well removed and rinsed. The anesthetic effect lasts about an hour.

Are there other methods to alleviate the pain of this aesthetic torture? "Wet the area you are waxing with hot water, massaging it with a cellulose glove, smoothing the hairs and eliminating dead cells and hairs embedded in the body. This technique also reduces the risk of infections," says the professor. Antonino Di Pietro, dermatologist in Milan and director of the Vita Cutis Dermoclinic Institute. Experts advise that you then apply a thin layer of talcum powder so that the wax spreads through the hairs and then proceed with the waxing process. Last tip: don't be anxious as you tear. In fact, deep breathing helps you stay calm and feel less pain.