The atmosphere of the holidays with the gym just don't agree at any point! Eating habits at this time of the year are subject to constant temptations and are an additional incentive to avoid physical activity.

Almost 7 out of 10 Italians (71%) actually give up gym in December and admit they are ready to go back in January! This is a study of the NutriMente association promoted by GetFIT and among the most popular excuses not to go to the gym are some that dominate among others.

Here are the 10 most common:

1- I don't have enough time - 73%

2- I'm very tired - 69%

3- The gym costs a lot - 65%

4- Gym bother me - 60%

5- I don't want to leave my cat / dog alone at home - 59%

6- It's too cold / warm to leave home and go to the gym - 50%

7- I'm very hungry to go to the gym right after work - 45%

8- I don't want to have the weight of the bag all day - 43%

9- I already do other physical activities - 39%

10- I feel too outdated to train in the gym- 36%