The holidays are approaching and with them Christmas and the year of change! Here's an interesting trick for you! Choose one of these nine Christmas trees, of course the one you like the most, and discover what awaits you in 2020! Ready? Keep notes!

Tree No.1

The following year will be one of the most successful in your life. You will succeed, but you will need to set priorities, scope and goals immediately without wasting time and energy on other things.

Tree no.2

Next year will be promising for you. You will have many plans in all areas of your life. It won't happen right away, but some projects will be the foundation of the future.

Tree no.3

The following year will be happy for you. Even if you are serious, this will not stop you from having fun. Your laughter and genuine smile will attract many people, both at work and in privacy.

Tree no. 4

The following year will be unusual for you. Unusual does not mean bad. It will be completely different, and you will be constantly amazed.

Tree no.5

The coming year will be peaceful for you. No turmoil, no unpleasant surprises, everything will gradually go the way you want it to. This year will be a reflection for you, a moment in which you will muster your strength to take a serious step forward.

Tree no.6

The following year will be a romantic one for you. Probably one of the most romantic of your life. Everything will be spread by pink colors, sweetness and warmth. It will make you feel more excited than ever before.

Tree no.7

The year ahead will be generous to you. You want so much, you want everything that comes to your mind. Someone will listen carefully to your wishes and fulfill them from time to time. But beware, the fulfillment of desire does not always bring happiness. Take care of what you want and maybe you will.

Tree no. 8

Next year will be a tale for you. Even if you are skeptical and cynical, you will find yourself wonderful with a tale in which you will become a hero who defeats the dragon. Something astonishing and wonderful will happen, and this cannot be scientifically explained.

Tree no.9

The following year will do you good. The world will hide its claws and sing for you alone. Your outlook will change: from now on you will hear manifestations of universal goodness and protection.