Astrologer Meri Shehu, invited to the Rudina program, ranked the most lucky signs for 2020. She spoke of the most favored signs in love, the economy, career, but also the least favored signs.

Meanwhile, in a brief description of 2020, Mary said that this will be a pleasant year, where practicality will dominate and solid foundations will be laid.

2020 is a pleasant year, where practicality will dominate, the real will dominate. We are not dealing with euphoria, with energy, with flights, but with things like how we say 'little and precise'. Those things will be achieved with little effort, with little difficulty, but will be sustainable, so we will have solid foundations. The most important period has begun, given the tendencies of an economic conditioning that will be felt until Mars, where we will have made little withdrawal from euphoria, spending. We will look to deal more with savings and cost savings. But good economic news is not missing. The summer period will be a bit contradictory, as it may throw us into unprecedented difficulty, but after overcoming this difficulty a complete regeneration is assumed .

Ranking of signs starting with the least favored signs:

12. Crab - The difficult position in 2020 should be taken into account. Not that it will be a position that will not give them a chance, because it will give them partnerships, partnerships, and can give marriage to those who are not married. But the crabs themselves will not be ready, at the right level, to welcome the chances that 2020 will give them. Health will consume a great deal of energy and may have objections. Their health problems will be related to bone. The chances of a serious connection will be great, but everything is up to them. The economic side is not where it should be because they are still in the process of economic growth.

11. Libra - They are in a year to deal with families, where they will live, where they will stabilize and this will take time. They are in this position because they will not deal with a genuine career. Being confined to home and dealing only with family matters will have anxiety and stress. The scales will be fine, but they should take care of the health of the people around. Love for them this year will pass from the stomach. The economic side will be good in terms of heritage and real estate.

10. Aries - During 2020 they will claim to make a name, fame, get privileges. There will be more evidence, but others may also violate their eagerness to rise above others. Health is very good this year. They will have esteemed marriages because they will choose partners of high social and economic standing. The love for them is presented as a love for themselves initially. They will have economic growth, empowerment and advertising of what they earn.

9. Twins - They have gone through a tumultuous 2019, but will have economic growth and new profits as a result of their collaborations. 2020 begins and fills their budget. From the health point of view they may have psychological problems, or with their big fantasies and passions. Must be careful with fixings after work or persons. Love is envisioned with new connections, relationships that can be both secret and, above all, passionate.

8. Lion - They will sit on the ground because it will be the working year. They will have chronic health problems, with bones, spines and need to be careful. Love exists, but relationships will not go to another level, they will remain there. Income will only be from day-to-day work and no major profits are projected for 2020.

7. Aquarius - The year 2020 will be a preparation for the step they are expected to take in 2021. It is a year of closure, or of creativity, but in depth, without declaring their plans, strategies. On the health side is the year of strength, energy, calm and stability. Love exists, but it will remain secret, secret or impossible. Economically, a good economic period is foreseen.

6. Fish - The year 2020 is predicted as the year of information, plans, information, writings, publications. They will be involved in sports activities and a year where they will get more involved in the movement. Their goal will be to find a stable, loyal friend, friend or partner. But they have to be careful with the society they choose. They will gain security and overcome psychological uncertainties. Love will be romantic and will be known on the streets, on trips, but also on social networks. The economic side will be good and stabilized.

5. Scorpio - In 2019 they gained fame but did not get the stamp, while in 2020 it is the year of approving skills, jobs, and relationships. Scorpions tend to make things somewhat difficult. The most important month will be the end of March and all of April, where they will receive good news and money. Health will be strong, overcoming any obstacles. This year they will have significant recognition and agreement. 2020 will be the year of economic growth for them.

4. Virgin - The year 2020 will be wonderful, with concrete plans and steps in their personal and erotic lives. They will exercise power in how they manage their lives. A new era begins, powerful and quite auspicious for them. They need to be careful in dealing with relatives, family members, as they may try to block your path to success. Health is good and love is stabilized and productive. It will be the year where they will direct relationships mainly towards marriage.

3. Taurus - Will stabilize in their jobs, change the environment, travel, because they have the prospect of moving. New marriages with foreign people are foreseen. Economically, there may be some downsides. Health will be good, but they should avoid physical exhaustion. 2020 is the year where they will find their love.

2. Sagittarius- 2020 is projected to be a very lucky year economically. They will get what it pertains to, it is the year of law, management, good connections and a great economic year for them. Health is good, with little fatigue in the summer. Love is also good for those born of this sign.

1. Capricorn - In 2020 they will start recovering, rising, seeking jobs and careers. They will highlight the good, but also the bad, that they have to deal with. This is the year that brings them out of the difficult, or not desirable, environment. The green light will open for them, offering many new opportunities. Their health problems will find solutions and therapies, but they must pay attention to chronic problems. In love they will make the step towards new acquaintances and connections. They will also take the necessary steps towards a proper economic finalization ./