Although Elvis Presley died nearly 4 decades ago, this Thursday would have been his 85th birthday if he had been alive.

Despite his short life, Presley enjoyed immense fame, with nearly half of his life devoted to music. Even today, after 4 and a half decades, his birthday is an occasion to remember immortal music and unique style.

Elvis Aron Presley was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. The church was his first contact with music. On her 8th birthday, Elvis would choose the guitar, among other gifts: bike, rifle. As soon as he chose the guitar, he learned to play with it on family holidays too. Many years later, Elvis would identify with the phrase: "I have my own style ... My music is like nobody's!"

One of the highlights of his career was the participation of Frank Sinatra in the Welcome Home Elvis return party, for which he was paid $ 125,000, a record figure at the time.

The long career continued for years, until in January 1975 his health, which only worsened, forced him to be hospitalized for about two weeks. In March he is given the "Grammy for Best Inspirational Performance" award for "How Great Thou Art" in the "live" version.

In late 1975, Elvis was finally able to travel on his personal yacht. In early November, his story with Linda Thompson ends and at the end of the same month, she meets Ginger Alden, who will stay with him until the end of her death. In recent years, Elvis's health has become a serious problem and has been hospitalized many times. Its weight was extremely low and the images that appear during this period are truly alienated. His gaze faded, but his gorgeous, potent voice remained melodious.

On June 26, 1977, he went to Indianapolis to attend Indiana's Market Square Arena: his last concert and final stage climb. After this concert, Elvis returns to Memphis to rest and prepare for the new concert tour, due to begin in August ... August 16, 1977 shortly after midnight Elvis returns to Graceland. Around 7pm on the 17th, he returns to his room to calm down. But in the late evening Elvis is in a state of serious health, and the doctors had nothing to do.

He dies at the age of 42.