A serious incident, which took place on January 3, though recently released to the family of singer Adelina Tahiri.

According to reports in the Northern Macedonian media, the former owner of Era TV, a television station in Skopje, which is also Adelina's uncle, Abdullah Mehmetaj, has been hit by his wife, Arlinda Mehmetaj, in an attempt to kill him.

Through a photo posted on Instagram, the singer has confirmed the event by writing "Dajo we are with you".

Local media say that in northern Macedonia, the heavy incident happened at midnight. After lying down to sleep, Abdullah Mehmetaj had fallen asleep after a pillow placed on his face was blocking his breathing. It is learned that his wife had tied Mehmetaj to his feet and hands, however he was able to be released.

Recovering from breathing difficulties and constraints, Mehmetaj went down to the first floor of the apartment, where his wife had been hiding, and hit her several times with a hammer.

Speaking to Koha, Abdullah Mehmetaj said he was out of danger and confirmed the case. According to him, the reason for the serious event was the property. He stressed that in the property and property agreement, it was set as a condition that Arlinda, a lecturer at AAB College in Pristina, had to take care of her while she was alive.