The brains of men are different from those of women. Sometimes very different. Everything develops in the womb. Before we are born, our brains begin to develop and during the developmental period the male brain is most affected by the presence of testosterone.

Some males exhibit more masculine tendencies and qualities while others less so, but most of us agree that males are too predictable (no one should question this, it's not a feminist statement).

If you've spent a lot of time with a male of a typical male nature, you've probably noticed some characteristics.

As stated above, his brain is not built like yours. When a boy exhibits one of these traits, he is not stubborn, rude, or arrogant. He is just using the brain as it is created.

Not attentive. You hung a wreath on the front door. He enters through that door. After asking what the crown looks like, he goes out once more to see it. Has not noticed at all.

She likes to have control. Even when you are simply watching television together, it is very important for him to hold the remote. If you keep it, it seems to him that the role of having control of everything seems to fade.

It is very solution oriented. Coming home after a long and busy day. He listens to complaints, sees that you are worried, understands that you are going to relieve stress, but immediately starts thinking of a solution by proposing ways to "fix the problem." .

You forget what you said. It's just you both in the room. You said something, but he forgot it, though the answer may have been "certainly". The attention has simply been elsewhere.

There is only one thing in mind. It can be focused on the computer, TV or a book when you are trying to talk to them. She interrupts him several times to call attention to him, but when he finally gets his attention, he is already upset.