The idea that exercise and sleep are related to each other may not be shocking news for you. Exercise, as you all know, serves health. However, walking and exercising can also help you get a deep sleep. What to do during the day: a quick stroll in your neighborhood, or in the park, is enough to do.

According to various studies, even a small increase in the steps you take every day - try the stairs, get off the bus to a station before your destination or just choose to take a 30 minute walk every day, as this will make you sleep longer. better than other nights.

A study conducted by the Brandeis University Department shows promising evidence that physical activity, and even low-impact exercise (such as walking) can help improve an individual's sleep quality. The results were particularly evident in the women who were part of the study.

So if you want to get some deep sleep at night, you have to take this action during the day: just walk!