A good portion of pregnant mothers tend to give up almost everything during their sweet waiting months and dedicate themselves to the baby's birth, just like many others, despite the heavy weight that is added day or day. other embarrassments, too, are bothered by dust or uncontrolled clutter at home.

While instinct can be activated as the date of birth approaches, it is important to get things done while you are expecting a baby. There are some household chores that just aren't safe for future mothers.

Since organizing things and packing clothes for maternity leave, here are some of the obligations you should avoid during this period.

Here are some of the housework you should avoid during pregnancy:

Moving furniture is not a good idea during pregnancy

Encourage someone else to change your cat litter box

Do not do home renovations

Nor is lifting weights a good idea

Activities to avoid during pregnancy:

Heavy sports

Tobacco consumption

Very warm shower

Use of medicines without medical consultation

Standing at high sun temperature

Making tatoo and piercing

Drinking alcohol