Nowadays, there are so many different recommendations for raising children correctly and they are often quite controversial. However, doctors and psychologists continue to run new experiments: analyze the results and then show what is wrong and what is right for child rearing.

Below you will have the opportunity to read something that is harmful to children, but perhaps parents do it every day. Parents certainly do not do it intentionally, but out of love they can be wrong. But what action does it harm children?


It often happens that adults have loved ones to make their children laugh through tickling. However, a study by the University of California found many years ago that tickling does not cause the same feeling of happiness as a joke does. It's just an illusion of happy smile.

In this case, the children laugh uncontrollably as a result of a reflex. Almost all people laugh when tickled. But the problem is, kids laugh, even if they hate to tickle.

So be careful not to tickle your children anymore.