If you've ever wondered what makes a marriage happy, here are the answers. A marriage and family counselor, Aaron Anderson, has shared some tips from his experiences with couples, referring mainly to men and things they love at all costs. Here's what they are looking for.

Men ask you to love them - (needless to say or not?). Like their wives, men need it, though not to the point that women love it. They want to get your attention and love from time to time - but without exaggeration. They pay no attention to the little things of expressing love, so at this point, dear ladies, do not overdo it.

They want an independent woman: a wife to have her own desires, work and goals, and plans to achieve them. They, like women, have their own career plans and goals in mind and do not easily tolerate breakdowns of future plans. They want to have a spouse at their side to support them, but not to hinder them in the goals they have set themselves to achieve, so they want a spouse who invites them to achieve their goals together - the opposite cannot happen.

They want care: they worship when the spouse's attention is masked (not jealous). Anderson points out that men love their spouse's attention, especially when they have had a bad day, want to be at her side, but sometimes have a craving for solitude when critical moments, squabbles or debates at work. Men also want you to take care of them whenever they are ill. You can't ask for help at home, but they want to attend whenever their spouse is doing homework. Women can fill their day with many things, but also with children, but at the end of the day, in the bedroom, men want attention and feel that everything is their "property".

They want a woman who is in tune with them - not just the kids. It is understood that women have a special attachment to children. So far everything is fine, but once the children and mothers come together, men feel neglected, so this is not at all acceptable to them. While they seek attention, men hate to be left behind.

They want to feel safe. But not physically. Marriage brings out the best and worst of people. It changes people in a way that they themselves never even thought of. It seems to be a feature that characterizes women more, but in fact not, Anderson notes. Men also seek to feel secure in their marriage. They want a very calm and patient spouse with every unpleasant situation that marriage can bring, instead of another who can constantly point out their shortcomings. The latter leads them to think that marriage is in danger.