Meghan Markle's father has directly accused his daughter of "destroying" the British royal family, following the decision she and Prince Harry made to renounce being members of the kingdom.

The 75-year-old Thomas Markle called his daughter and Prince Harry "lost souls" in a recent Channel 5 appearance in a soon-to-be-air documentary "Thomas Markle: My Story."

Markle said he was shocked to learn of the decision the couple made. Referring to her daughter, the 75-year-old said she had, in fact, ruined every girl's dream of becoming a princess one day: “Every girl wants one day to be a princess. She had this and trampled it down , "Markle told the 90-minute documentary, which will air in the coming weeks.

He called the couple's decision ridiculous, and even said "they are destroying the royal family . "

According to Markle, everything is made for money. " Apparently, £ 3m, a 26 bedroom home was not enough for them. I find it embarrassing, ” Markle's father continued, referring to the royal residence, Frogmore Cottage, in which the couple lived before leaving Britain.

" I think they're both lost souls at this point," Markle adds , "and I don't think they even know what they're looking for."

Markle has long had no contact with her daughter. He was not even present at the couple's wedding in 2018 and the reason, at the time, was his weak heart, which did not allow him to travel.

However, even later, after the photo scandal, the 75-year-old was not accepted into the royal family.