A recent study showed that to be rich, you do not have to be very intelligent and the ability to earn millions does not depend on your IQ. However, there are some other psychological traits that prospective billionaires have, so if you want to become like them you have to follow the 4 habits that billionaires usually do:

Rich people think for themselves

The German researcher, Rainer Zitelmann, decided to find out what character traits are found in very rich people. It turns out that owners of factories, newspapers and other successful businessmen all have something in common. Wealthy people are morally stable: their emotions do not dictate how to solve their problems - they rely solely on their logic. Also, rich people love communicating with people and they are persistent in achieving their goals. But there is a big disadvantage - all rich people are overly selfish. First and foremost, they think about their business. L'Oreal's heir, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, for example, filed suit against her mother. She accused her mother of being under the influence of some bad people who wanted to get all her money back.

They do not lie on the sofa in their spare time

As ordinary people are busy with their daily tasks like cooking and cleaning, rich people are free from these boring activities. But they don't spend all their free time for fun, they spend it on self-development. Wealthy people read about 5.5 hours a week and spend 2 hours in the gym. No matter how rich they are, these people spend about 6 hours more working and sleeping less.

They do not use Instagram or other social networks

Social networks take up a lot of time, which can be spent on something more useful. That is why rich people do not use social networks. Millionaires spend just a few hours a week on Twitter and Instagram.

They want to make money, but hate to spend it

The difference between the middle class and the very rich is in answering this simple question "What do you like the most - make money or spend it?" The middle-income people want to buy things, and the real passion of billionaires is to find new ways to make money. And extremely rich people often have very simple lives.

They marry at an early age and have many children

Are you married? Do you have children? If so, your chances are better of becoming a millionaire. According to statistics, 87% of the richest people on the planet are in long-term family relationships and are parents of 3 or more children. Of course, a large family is no guarantee that you will earn billions. But one thing is clear: moral support from loved ones helps businessmen reduce stress.